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 Support for HobbyHack needed?

Please send an email to  support@HobbyHack.com if you encounter any issues you need us to address. If you’re an app user and have the first release active we really want to know about the problems you encounter quickly. Our goal is to provide a great user experience and provide and app that is responsive and easy to navigate so let us know as soon as possible. Shoot us a note at the Support for HobbyHack address above. Thank you.

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Value Proposition

HobbyHack provides a fresh approach to learning so our members can become their most creative selves. HobbyHack delivers a learning guide with milestones that most of us need, while leveraging well known tools for knowledge delivery. Members learn woodworking at their own pace, from the convenience of their own home with the flexibility of time that people need and crave. This is a new and fresh approach to learning where you’ll become a part of a small “crew” of similarly skilled people so you can share your projects without concern of ridiculing  from anonymous people in large groups. 

Mission Statement

HobbyHack intends to change the approach to online learning by grouping people with shared interests into small, online communities and encouraging social interaction by sharing experiences to make learning more fun and truly a social experience.