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One of the core principles of our upcoming app is that we believe, and there’s lots of research to back this up, that people learn faster in small groups and will naturally create tighter bonds within a smaller cohort or group. It’s ironic of course that you’re reading this on Facebook, the worlds largest network of people, but that’s also why millions of smaller groups exist here as well.

Our goal is to form cohorts, or as we refer to them as “crews” of similarly skilled hobbyists (woodworkers in this case) and by region, if possible, with the idea that shared experiences will propel our members to learn faster and have more fun. If you think about trying to learn a hobby by yourself, you have ups and downs, you lose interest for a while, and sometimes drop the pursuit all together if the roadblock is big enough. But what if you have friends, either new or existing that you’ve been introduced to on HobbyHack, on the same journey there to help get you over the hump just when you needed it most?  Are you more likely to stick with it and ultimately learn faster? We think so. BTW, we’re also planning to add tools and live expertise to make your learning journey even more rewarding. That’s why we say, Real social connections with a purpose. Stay tuned for future information and thanks for checking in with us.

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