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(The total follower counts referenced below were gathered in November of 2022 for My Top 15 Woodworking Creators)

For me, YouTube is the go-to source for learning how to do something and Instagram is my go-to for inspiration. So from those two sources I created my top 15 woodworking content creators, or my guide to online teachers. I like to say, no need to search for “woodworking classes near me” or “carpentry classes near me” any longer thanks to technology. 

I organized the creators in groups of five for the simple reason that I can’t decide who’s my number one versus my number five because my needs change. This is not based on follower counts, although I’ve added them in for reference and sorted each group according to each creator’s combined total of Instagram and YouTube followers. You’ll notice that there are some creators with high follower counts spread throughout the 3 groups. 

As a woodworking beginner, I rely quite heavily on YouTube, and in fact, we incorporated many relevant videos into our HobbyHack App. In fact, how I got the original idea for HobbyHack was that there was so much great content on YouTube, I didn’t really know where to start so we came up with the 9-Level framework for learning woodworking and engaged a 50 year veteran woodworker and teacher to craft our content. From a personal perspective, I want to be able to make modern furniture that will last for years.   

So what are my criteria for choosing my woodworking creator list and how did I place them on the list? My top priority is, are they a good instructor? Can they teach? Do they take the time to explain a process in a way I can understand without a lot of technical jargon? Although I must say I’m understanding a lot of the technical speak by now. Another priority is, do they teach proper woodworking joinery? Can I go to their site and find videos on Mortise & Tenon, Dovetail and Half-blind Dovetail, Rabbet and all the other joinery we’ll need to create beautiful, long lasting furniture?

There are others with higher follower counts than some of my favorites, but I’m judging based on my goals of learning the fundamentals first and then improving from there. I started woodworking about 3 years ago and am making progress against my goal to be a really good Furniture maker. But I didn’t want to commit to going to class so I didn’t search for woodworking classes near me, or carpentry classes near me, I just wanted to learn at my own pace and in my own shop. Or in my case, the garage. So over the years I’ve learned which creators I like the best, which ones are the best teachers and aren’t that much in this self-promotion if you know what I mean. 

If this was a list strictly based on total followers there would be other content providers sprinkled in here. These are my favorites, and I listed some of my priorities above, but in addition to those I think they have to have a good video presence and make it fun without being over-the-top. I’m also partial to the creators who started woodworking without formal training because that encourages me to keep going on my journey. 

Your taste may differ from mine and that’s okay, I encourage you to check these out but also explore others that you may find more interesting. So here’s my list with some comments about each one around the value I think they bring. 

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Top Five of my Top 15 Woodworking Creators

These first five are my go-tos. If I’m trying to figure something out or want to review a technique before starting a project, I check their YouTube channels to see what they did. They all have some very good woodworking ideas, so if you’re trying to come up with ideas for your next build, surf these websites, channels and feeds for something that may tickle your fancy.

In my Top 15 Woodworking CreatorsSteve Ramsey – Woodworking for Mere Mortals –  https://woodworkingformeremortals.com/



Total followers on both channels – 1.972 M

Lots of focus on new woodworkers and he’s passionate about teaching. His bio talks about him being in the woodworking game for more than 40 years. He also created the Weekend Woodworker series to help beginners learn and improve their woodworking skill. Definitely a good alternative to searching for woodworking classes near me or carpentry classes near me.

David Picciuto – Make Something – https://makesomething.com



Total followers on both channels – 897 K

As he says in his bio, he didn’t grow up with sawdust in his veins, he picked up and ran with it, so that makes me a big fan. Lots of projects available in his library of videos so definitely worth some time on his site. Good for Woodworking Tips, Woodworking Ideas


Tamar Hannah  – 3×3 Custom – https://www.3x3custom.com/



Total followers on both channels – 886 K

As I said about David above I love the fact that Tamar started like most of us and didn’t have any formal woodworking training. She learned everything on her own, and didn’t need to search for woodworking classes near me or carpenter classes near me, she just dove and and figured it out. She teaches the basics well, lots of good joinery videos and time-saving jig videos on her YouTube channel..

James Hamiltonaka Stumpy Nubshttps://stumpynubs.com/



Total followers on both channels – 797 K

From his FAQ: James Hamilton is a full-time woodworking instructor, author, blogger, video producer and publisher. He’s been an instructor at Popular Woodworking in America and The Woodsmith Workshop; a fan favorite at woodworking shows and retail store events around the country; a popular speaker at local woodworking guilds and has contributed to several periodicals including Wood, Popular Woodworking, and Woodsmith magazines. Good for Woodworking  Instruction

Jonathan Katz-Moseshttps://kmtools.com/



Total followers on both platforms – 589 K

Really good teaching videos and like a lot of my other top woodworkers started out just wanting to build things without a whole lot of formal training. Jonathan took it a step further, he used his experience to build tools that made his journey easier. Again, no need to be searching for woodworking classes near me or carpentry classes near me when you have online resources like Jonathan.

My Second five of my Top 15 Woodworking Creators

Bob Clagett – I Like To Make Stuff  – https://iliketomakestuff.com/about/



Total followers on both channels – 3.476 M

You can tell by the total followers that he is really good at what he does, otherwise why would so many people be interested in what he does? Bob is also a real techy and incorporates a lot of other interests into projects and videos on his projects. Really good to check in on what Bob is doing regularly.

In my Top 15 Woodworking Creators


April Wilkerson – Wilkerdos – https://wilkerdos.com



Total followers on both channels – 1.766 M

As you know by now I’m a big fan of the self taught and April definitely checks that box. April is a real DIY’er and has a lot of great videos about a wide variety of projects around her home and property. Not the type to be searching for woodworking classes near me or carpentry classes near me, she’ll just pick up a tool and figure it out. Good one for wood projects.

Marc Spagnuolo – Wood Whisperer – https://thewoodwhisperer.com/



Total followers on both channels – 1.1 M

Marc has been at this for a long time and his videos are professional, detailed and easy to follow. No question he’s one of the top people in the online woodworking industry. He also has a very detailed website with classes and instruction available. Has really good woodworking tips videos.

Jay Bateshttps://jayscustomcreations.com/



Total followers on both channels – 815 K

I’m late to the game on Jay but better late than never. Jay is very detail oriented and has excellent technical descriptions of the projects he builds. I need to spend more time on Jay’s channel because I’m sure he will move up my list in the future. Good for woodworking tips and furniture making.

In my Top 15 Woodworking Creators

Longview Woodworking

Jon Peters – Longview Woodworking – https://jonpeters.com/



Total followers on both channels – 774 K

For those of you that have some skill and are at the end of your beginner period, Jon is a good follow for you. Jon will walk you through some cool projects (just watched a modern dresser of his) but he goes pretty fast and leaves the details to you. That’s what I think he’s better for the intermediate woodworking skill level. Good source for woodworking ideas and furniture making projects.

Honorable Mentions in my Top 15 Woodworking Creators

In my Top 15 Woodworking CreatorsIzzy Swanhttps://www.izzyswan.com/



Total followers on both channels – 1,024 M

Izzy’s videos are generally fun and some really creative stuff comes out of that twisted mind (compliment)! Lots of great woodworking ideas in his videos and he’s a  good teacher. If you’re looking for woodworking ideas and woodworking tips, his channels are the place to go.

Chris Salomone – Foureye Furniture – https://www.foureyesfurniture.com/



Total followers on both channels – 1.003 M

Chris is very creative and in my estimation a good follow for the intermediate and above skill level. His pieces are really cool and something that I personally aspire to in the future. I need to get a few more convention projects under my belt and then I’ll be trying a few of Chris’.

In my Top 15 Woodworking CreatorsAna Whitehttps://www.ana-white.com/



Total followers on both channels – 991 K

I expect to see Ana on one of those HGTV shows at some point in the future. She’s really good for the beginner woodworker that has some DIY skill because she does a lot of projects around her house or furniture pieces that fit in most homes. If you’re looking for woodworking ideas for your own home Ana is a must see. Good for furniture making, wood projects and woodworking ideas.

Colin Knecht – woodworkweb – https://www.woodworkweb.com/



Total followers on both channels – 698 K

If you want to learn about tools this channel is for you. Colin does a lot of videos about tool operation and how to get the most out of them. I watched some of his router videos and they were very helpful. 

Matt Cremonahttps://mattcremona.com/



Total Followers on both channels – 593 K

What draws me to Matt’s videos are the ones with his personal sawmill which  he built himself. It is fascinating to see the wood go from a tree, to a slab, to a milled board, and then to a project. 

Thanks for reading and sharing.

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