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Master woodworkers getting paid for their expertise is a way for us to attract all skill levels into HobbyHack, not just the beginners. One of the ways we hope to do that is to create options for the highly skilled woodworkers to make a little extra money on our platform. In most cases, people with skills learned over many years like and enjoy sharing those skills to help others. This desire to help others is the main driver for people sharing their skill and knowledge on YouTube, Instagram and other platforms. Sure, many of them look to monetize their skills on those platforms as they should, so what is wrong with that? Is that any different than contracting to build a table for instance? Individuals have put in the time, blood, sweat, and tears into their craft to become highly skilled so they should be rewarded. American capitalism at it’s most basic level with most of the reward going to the skilled creator. See our master woodworker Kevin Rodel. https://kevinrodel.com



HobbyHack wants to reward them as well. We hope to attract those Master Woodworkers who enjoy helping others and provide them a channel for getting paid for their expert advice.


Within our App we have a project management feature so members can track their progress on their projects as they move from one task to another within a given project. More on that feature later. If you look at the image on the left, you’ll notice a highlighted button at the bottom of the screen that says Request Assistance. That button is the link to for our members to get 1on1 assistance from available Master Woodworkers who make themselves available to help others.




Uber-like Experience


On the right will be the view of the member who is requesting assistance. Master Members will have the ability in their settings to make themselves “available” to offer assistance. Masters could make themselves available in the evenings, on the weekends or even when they’re in their shops and the requesting members could choose from the list. We also plan a points and ratings system so members can choose the masters that they think will provide the greatest value or solve their problem the fastest.




Live Video Sessions

Once the member has selected the Master Woodworker they’d like to work with, they have the option of requesting a Voice only or Video session. The obvious advantage of video is the ability to show the Master exactly what the problem is and get specific about the problem-solving solutions.


If you’re on any woodworking forums you see people posting a single, or set of photos and request assistance all the time, so being able to discuss a problem over video in real time will be a real game changer. Our members will be charged a fee for this service with the largest percentage going to our Masters to reward them for sharing their skills

The economy is changing and the opportunity to make money from a series of microtransactions is well developed and accepted. Whether that’s buying music or hailing a ride, people are used to requesting and paying for services through an app. We see this as a way to attract those higher skilled members who could actually get paid for their services for one-on-one voice and/or video sessions where members request support from a queue of qualified master members. An Uber-like experience for adult learning. Thanks for following HobbyHack.