First Prize

The winner will get to choose their prize from the following two options:

A $1,000 Gift Certificate from Rockler Woodworking and Hardware.


A starter pack of high-quality tools that we have selected specifically for someone starting out. The package will consist of:

Chisel Set, Sharpening Stone set, Hand Plane, Cordless Drill and Driver set, Clamps, Measuring Tools and hand saw for a total value of $1,000.00. Contents may be adjusted to fit within the $1,000.00 limit.

Second & Third Prize

Second and Third Prize – 2 other winners will receive annual subscriptions to the Basic Membership which has a value of $95.88.

Contest Rules

  • Eligible participants will have to download and install the HobbyHack app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play by 5PM on May 29, 2022, and complete the enrollment process within the app to be eligible for the contest. In case of a drawing date change, Potential contestants will be notified by email, social media or an announcement on the HobbyHack website.
  • Contestants and eventual winners will be drawn from the app’s USER database at 7 PM Central time on May 29th or the adjusted date if there’s a delay, on a live drawing on Instagram at 7 PM Central time on May 29th or the first day of the official release.
  • All communication regarding the HobbyHack App release will be announced on all of the HobbyHack social channels as well as the HobbyHack Website. If there’s a delay in releasing the app, the new contest date will also be released on those channels with the new date for the contest drawing.
  • Beta Customers who receive an early version of the app will be eligible for the contest.
  • The winner’s name will be announced publicly via a live feed on Instagram. No other information about the winner such as contact information will be shared.