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In researching the market for our app we wanted to find out who is our target market is for such a service, so we looked at what people where searching for relative to woodworking. The most prominent keywords besides “Woodworking Classes Near me” were “Building furniture for beginners”, “Furniture making classes”, and “Furniture making classes near me”. So lets take a look at the possible reasons behind these searches and show you the value the HobbyHack App will bring our members.

furniture making classes

Value for your home

When we think about creating value for yourself through a hobby like woodworking, let’s look at all the different ways individuals or couples could create additional value in their lives with the App versus furniture making classes. For homeowners, I look at all the items in my own home that either together with my wife, or on my own created and improved the value and look of our home. My wife and I created a large wood art project during the pandemic that covers a complete wall and probably saved at least $2k in purchased art. I’ve also made shelves, a mantle, and customer picture frames  that matched our décor, other “wood art” for other bare walls, and replaced tops in damaged tables that actually look better than the originals and many other projects. If you’ve thought about classes like Building Furniture for Beginners for home improvement, the HobbyHack App will be perfect for you!

The Side Hustle

How often do we hear about the “Great Resignation”,  Work Burnout or people just “dropping out” from their daily grind and learning new skills to help you make some extra cash or have a better life? One look at the growth of Etsy, tells the story of millions of people using their own skill and talent to make extra cash, or sometimes their primary income. So you can understand why people are interested in searching for “furniture classes near me” that will get them on their path to personal freedom. HobbyHack will provide great value for folks just starting their woodworking journey or those that have been on it a while.

Creative Outlet

If you’re getting into woodworking to feed your creative side, it is a good idea to take furniture making classes to get a feel for the tools and creating things with wood that will last, and that’s where HobbyHack the App will help. Whether you’re goal is to become a woodworking Master or just master a few skills our app will be the place for you. Create wood art, small projects you can sell are just a few things you can do with your new skills.


Reclaiming existing materials like pallets, old furniture, old wood fencing, barn wood, or other materials that would normally be thrown in a dump somewhere and making something useful and beautiful is a goal of many within the woodworking community. Generation Y is known as the sustainability generation so getting onboard with HobbyHack early in your adult life is a great idea for a hobby that will last a lifetime.


In a lot of cases when people are thinking about finding furniture classes near me what they’re really searching for is to be part of a community, a group that has similar interests to their own. Although we’re all a part of “digital communities” sometimes they’re so vast it doesn’t feel like we’re part of anything special. The community aspect in HobbyHack is primary to the design of the app and a top priority, it’s part of every feature discussion and decision we make. If you’re searching for woodworking skills but want to meet people with similar interests and skills then HobbyHack will be the place for you!

Releasing May of “22!