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DIY woodworking cutting boards and other creating endeavors. We intend to address the adult learning market by creating a social platform targeting informal adult education, where adults who choose to pursue a specific interest or hobby, can follow a 9 step path along with others who share similar interests. This platform, where people can share learning experiences through social engagement and access to community provided materials, will be developed with the concept of members helping members. This community-based social learning platform will enhance the learning experience where adults who want to take on a hobby and along with other members of their “class” (people grouped by the software starting at relatively the same skill level) can progress over time through a consistent 9 step process to achieve their desired level of expertise. We also intend to build in a way for adults to invite others and group them in a class if they so choose.

The concept is crowd-sourced education, that is, the ability to learn or improve a desired hobby or skill jointly with others who share similar desires within an open social environment.  We intend to take this concept and apply structure so that our members have a framework or process to measure themselves against. We mentioned the concept of a class, so let us explain how we plan to group members so they can meet and progress with others at the same skill level. As new members enter the system, we’ll ask them a series of questions about their particular skill level and assign them an entry level. We’ll then look for other members with similar skills and group them together so they can work together and progress through the levels together. We’ll provide forums that are geared towards their class and quick access to projects other members of their class have completed. We see the competition and gamification strategies as a core concept of our app.

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