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Custom furniture with woodworking from HobbyHack will happen if you commit the time. What if you could use an App, where you could bring friends and be introduced to other like-minded people with a framework for success? How much faster and how much more enjoyable would learning the woodworking hobby be? No need to search for “woodworking classes near me” because now they’re right where you need them and when you need them!

HobbyHack is a social learning platform designed to group people with similar skill levels into “crews” so you can grow your skills together. The learning will be based on a 9-level framework designed by a Master woodworker and furniture maker for all skills levels from beginners to skilled enthusiasts. The learning plan will lead you from beginner to as accomplished as you want to be, even if that’s building custom furniture with woodworking in your own garage.

As you’ll learn from our updates over the coming months there will be features for all skill levels including those already considered Master woodworkers who will be able to profit from their extensive knowledge. So sign up and stay in touch while we develop this innovative platform from scratch.

Download the app right from our main page at https://hobbyhack.com

Start small and build projects like this:

woodworking classes

beyond cutting boards

This is from our Master woodworker, Kevin Rodel.