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Learn Woodworking

Learn woodworking  is the beasis of the app I’ve started  to replace woodworking classes and decided to write about my progress and some of the woodworking projects I’ve completed to learn woodworking skills.

First, let me explain about why I started HobbyHack in the first place. Several years ago, before the pandemic I was starting to learn woodworking. Probably like a lot of you I went to YouTube, looked for woodworking classes online, or beginner woodworking projects and other resources trying to learn the hobby of woodworking. So, I started reviewing a lot of videos that taught different skills, but I was never sure that I was learning the right skills in the right order.

There’s a lot of great information on YouTube and other channels and we use YouTube videos within the app, but there’s no defined progression to know if you are learning woodworking skills in the right order. For example, what are beginner woodworking projects that are not only easy but teach foundational woodworking skills that will allow you to build more complex woodworking projects later? For some that’s not important, but for me I want to know and master the fundamentals to be truly good and make quality furniture later. I never really considered looking for woodworking classes near me, or local carpentry classes, there is an abundance of information online and thought I could take advantage of that.