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Carpentry classes online, REALLY? The online educational movement is real, it’s big and it’s growing exponentially. In fact, in a blog written by @Tiago Forte of Forte Labs, Tiago notes that the online education market is projected to grow to a total market value of $247 Billion by 2024. In a similar article by Forbes they project the E-Learning Market to grow to $325B by 2025! So it’s not to hard to imagine skills like carpentry, woodworking, welding, auto mechanics and all the other skills that we normally think of as hands on skill would be available in some form online. In fact, I wrote a previous blog discussing how the online education movement is changing and how we hope HobbyHack will fit in this new world.

Admittedly Carpentry is way different than woodworking, but our assumption, whether right or wrong, is that when people are using the word Carpentry in online searches in many cases they are referring to woodworking skills. So when they search using terms like, carpentry courses, carpentry classes, carpentry courses online, carpentry class near me, and carpentry class online in reality they are looking for woodworking skills which are very similar to carpentry. Except for the obvious skills related to home building like framing, roofing, flooring and other structural skills.

So let’s look at some common searches for carpentry skills and show how HobbyHack can provide a solution is some of these cases:

Carpentry courses or carpentry classes online? It’s actually already being done, but that’s more for someone who’s taking a class to actually make a job change, build their own house or a young person wanting to get into that field, that’s not what we’re trying to do. Our goal is to bring people together in a community with other like-minded people, and expand their personal networks through common interests. We are focused on three outcomes for our members; skill improvement, fun and expanding friendships.

Carpentry classes near me. If you’ve read any of our previous articles and pages, you know we’ve addressed the “near me” search term several times. But carpentry classes near me also provides the added element of someone not only searching for skills but the feeling of community or expanding their personal network. If that’s the case, then that’s just one of the many ways HobbyHack provides value to our members, the ability to provide that extra component of community and helping build our member’s make long term personal relationships.

As the online market for educational products grows, especially for physical skills we hope to position HobbyHack as a solution for people searching for new ways of learning but also want to make real connections online. So as you search for things like  carpentry courses, carpentry classes, carpentry courses online, carpentry class near me, and carpentry class online remember hobbyhack.com for your future educational needs.

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