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Dave’s first coffee table

Building wood furniture is a lot easier today than it ever was with access platforms like YouTube. People can search for videos and learn on their own by watching others, which is fine and it works.  But there’s no defined path, content is hit or miss and there’s no way to identify if a particular video is for a beginner, intermediate or advanced user. There are other ways like forums, facebook groups, other apps that join people with similar interests, but nothing is organized in a format to help the user grow, it’s completely up to them.

So, if we ask ourselves these two key questions, “what will make users first open and input their information upon download”, and second, “what will make them active members”, we suggest these three things: First, the upskilling concept with levels of achievement will help members grow their skills, second will be the recommendations engine. Together they will provide the member a tangible return on their investment in the application. Third will be the social aspect of not only viewing other’s projects in a one to many format like YouTube, but a true community experience being grouped with others in small groups based on skill and desire. 

Members will also contribute to the growth of other community members through viewing and rating their projects. We intend to make it social, fun and informational by engaging members in the pursuit of personal improvement in their hobby, while also keeping them engaged with the pursuit of higher levels of achievement. The app at a minimum will: 

  • Encourage members to highlight their personal projects with either pictures or videos and a short description.
  • Develop a ratings system that is commensurate with their skill level and  “promotes” members to the next level through algorithms.
  • Reward members with levels of achievement through community voting and acceptance
  • Provide members with forums, real time advice and assistance from “Master” members
  • Provide recommendations to plans and project ideas and building wood furniture on their own
  • Provide analytics so members can see trends and measure themselves against their peers
  • Provide a project management experience so members can use the platform while building their project and keep a record of their progress.

Download the app at HobbyHack.com