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Platform to incorporate 9-Level framework with learning socially to speed competency in learning hobbies.


Plano, TX: Craftflow Software LLC, dba Award Winning Woodworking Veteran joins team. HobbyHack, a Social Learning platform for learning the woodworking hobby to be released in May of 2022, announced they have partnered with Kevin Rodel, and award-winning woodworking veteran, of Kevin Rodel Furniture & Design Studio to be their lead Master Woodworker for their new app which is to be released in May of next year. The team has been working with Kevin for several months to help design a 9-level education framework that will detail the skills needed to become a Master Woodworker.

“Kevin has the exact skillset we were looking for to fill out our team and building our new app. He owns a successful custom furniture business that’s been in operation since 1986, has won numerous awards for his furniture designs, has at least a dozen publishing credits, but most importantly has taught modern woodworking and loves the teaching aspect”. Said Dave Ferons, the CEO of Craftflow Software.

The HobbyHack App’s is being designed to address the adult learning market by creating a social platform targeting informal adult education, initially targeting the woodworking hobby. This community-based, social learning platform will enhance the learning experience for adults who want to take on the hobby of woodworking, will be grouped into small “Crews” with other similarly skilled members. These crews will progress together over time through a consistent 9-level framework to achieve their desired level of expertise. We also intend to build in a way for adults to invite others and group them in the crew if they so choose.

About Craftflow Software LLC: We’re a startup with the goal of creating a platform to help those new to the woodworking hobby, and those who have been at it for a while, benefit from a learning framework delivered in small social communities known as crews. Whether our members want to become a woodworking master or just master a skill, we’ll have a platform that will make their goals more achievable, attained faster, have more fun with woodworking and make true friends at the same time. We hope to attract other woodworking veterans to assist our learners throughout the process of learning woodworking.  The App will eventually branch out into other hobbies but focus on woodworking for the initial launch.



Check out my interview with Kevin regarding our announcement