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25 of the best YouTube channels for woodworking

I got into woodworking a couple of years ago and probably like a lot of you, I started with watching YouTube videos as my entry way into the hobby. I worked heavy construction back in the day, so I have decent tool skills, but never really worked in a shop or had access to skilled teachers (unless you count 7th & 8th grade shop class 50 year ago)! So, I started watching a lot of YouTube and found out very quickly that it takes A LOT of video watching to find something that’s useful. Especially if you have a specific project in mind or are trying to learn something specific.

I know most of the folks creating videos on the platform are really trying to be helpful, and might provide a trick or two, but it can be a challenge finding the right people to watch and trust. So, I thought I’d share a list I created of 25 of the best YouTube Channels for woodworking of the most followed woodworking pros along with some of ones I’ve found that show and share some key skills and the ones I follow for expert advice:

Top YouTube Channels dedicated to Woodworking I like

I like to Make Stuff Make Something

Chris Solomone

Paul Sellers
Jimmy Diresta Ana White Frank Howarth John Malecki
Mathias Wandel Leah Bolden of See Jane Drill Woodwork web Scott Brown Carpentry
Steve Ramsey Stone Coat Countertops Jon Peters Art & Home Dashner Design & Restoration
April Wilkerson The Wood Whisperer Leggari Products Woodworkers Guild of America
John Heisz Jay’s Custom Creations Blacktail studios Sam Ryan Designs
Think Woodworks

There’s a wide variety of styles, types of projects or furniture they work on, design ideas, and how they offer advice, so even with this list it takes a lot of watching. I even put in a couple of Epoxy Resin providers that I used on a couple of my furniture update projects, and honestly I just like their colorful videos.

Hope you enjoy the list and more importantly picking up some valuable tips from these top producers. Leave a note below and leave your favorites. If you’re new to woodworking try out our app which you can download right from our home page. Also check out our online learning page and check out some of our blogs: Online Learning – HobbyHack