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Introducing HobbyHack – the social learning app!

What if you could use an App, where you could bring friends and be introduced to other like-minded people with a framework for success? How much faster and how much more enjoyable would learning a new hobby or skill be?

HobbyHack is a social learning platform designed to group people with similar skill levels into “crews” so you can grow your skills together. The learning will be based on a 9-level framework designed by a Master woodworker and furniture maker for all skills levels from beginners to skilled enthusiasts.

As you’ll learn from our updates over the coming months there will be features for all skill levels including Masters who will be able to profit from their extensive knowledge. So sign up and stay in touch while we develop this innovative platform from scratch.

HobbyHack Goals

We designed HobbyHack with the following goals in mind:

  • Create a fun environment in which to learn or improve your skills.
  • Encourage real, personal connections with others who enjoy the same hobby.
  • Demand respectful interaction & communication, be the anti-twitter.
  • Optimize the learning experience through social interaction so members learn at a faster pace.
  • Bring people together from different backgrounds who may have never considered a hobby like woodworking.

Real learning is a journey, whether your goal is to stay on the long road to becoming a skilled master, or just long enough to master a skill. HobbyHack is designed to keep you on track no matter your goals.

The First Hobby – Woodworking

We’re starting with woodworking because we have a natural interest in this hobby. However, we believe this platform can be extended to bring hobbyists together from many different interest areas, and will eventually grow into those other categories as the platform matures. Subscribe to our blog and register to be a beta tester to stay apprised of our progress.

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Meet Dave & Doug



Dave is two glasses cool!

Meet Doug and Dave, a couple of guys who grew up working with their hands, moved on to careers in technology, still love hands-on projects, and have been friends for 25 years. This idea came about a couple of years ago after Dave started getting into woodworking. “I started like most people do today by watching YouTube, reading blogs and forums and eventually thought, there’s got to be a more efficient way of doing this”.

So Dave shared his thoughts with Doug and Doug said, “People would learn faster and have more fun if you could place them in smaller groups and they could share what they’ve learned with each other”.
So that started the HobbyHack journey. With the full support of their wives, that started 8 months of writing, discussing, researching and talking with lots of people. The journey has finally reached the point where they’ve started to develop an actual App and hope to release it right after the first of the year. This is a self-funded project, which means they’re backing their idea with their own money.  Subscribe to the blog and follow them on their journey to develop the first release of HobbyHack!



Doug is a beach bum!

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